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Gecko G203v

The G203V is Geckodrive's toughest drive. Designed with the intention of creating an indestructible stepper controller, no protection was left out of the production model. Where most other drives would be damaged or potentially destroyed the G203V will survive. Because of its CPLD architecture we can offer three different versions of the drive, all with the same level of protection.

?7A 80VDC 10-Microstep Drive
?Mid-band resonance damping
?Short-circuit protection
?Reversed-polarity protection
?Over-temperature protection
?Over-voltage protection
?Optoisolated STEP, DIRECTION and DISABLE inputs
?Optoisolator COMMON is ground
?2.5V, 3.3V and 5V logic compatible inputs
?Recirculate mode while motor is stopped
?350 kHz maximum Step pulse frequency
?Top settable adjust trimpot
?Power and error LED indicators
?No user settable jumpers inside
?Internal socketed fuse
?Power-on reset
?20 kHz switching frequency
?Same size and terminal pin-out as the G201

?The G203V is available in a G203V-Vacuum version as well. This changes the auto current standby to 0% as opposed to 70%, allowing it to operate in a high vacuum environment with minimal heating problems.

?The G203V is also available in a G203V-CW/CCW version. This means that rather than taking a step and direction input it takes a CW and CCW input on the step and direction terminals. This is only necessary if your machine outputs CW/CCW signals as opposed to step and direction.

?If you would like either of these options, please specify in the comments section of your order. Unless noted, all G203Vs will be shipped with the standard firmware.

G203V Manual

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Need to run your G203V in full step, half step, five microstep or ten microstep? Click here to view the G901X, which will turn your G203V into a G213V!